Debra Chow, Refuge Design & Build, Buyer/Seller

I have worked with many agents in the past, but none have made the home buying experience as pleasurable as Noelle Hettlinger Til. Endorsing her is an easy task, for she is everything you hope for in a realtor - but with a cherry on top. Never pushy, but always enthusiastic, Noelle exhibits a remarkable level of real estate competence and knowledge and then couples that with a refreshing dose of honesty and forthrightness. Our house hunt spanned 9 months and involved several neighborhoods. Noelle worked tirelessly to present us with great properties in each – some of which weren’t on the market yet. She openly shared observations with each home we viewed; her valuable insight helped ensure that my family's best interests would be met. Noelle has kept us calm during what could otherwise be a stressful escrow. She has proven to be a very good negotiator, and I am impressed by her ability to keep negotiations pleasant, even when parties involved differ in perspective. The only bad part I foresee about closing on this deal is that I will miss talking to her every day! I recommend Noelle without hesitation and am happy to serve as a reference.

Nina Freund, Seller/Buyer

I worked with Noelle as a real estate agent for several years, until I had my first child. I always knew Noelle would become a superior real estate agent. I have worked with many of the top brokers and agents in Los Angeles, and I truly believe that Noelle is the most ethical, honest, and knowledgeable agent in the business. Nobody negotiates a deal as brilliantly as Noelle. If Noelle did not represent me in the sale of my house, at the downturn of the market, I never would have sold it for the price we wanted. She does her job with ease and poise, and delivers on her word. If you are a buyer, you should know that Noelle has been in several multiple offer situations where there were 2 to 30 offers on the property and, as of today, never lost to another buyer. Buying and selling homes can be very stressful, but with Noelle representing you, you won't experience the stress, and you will feel grateful you chose her!

Dana Meltzer, Seller/Buyer

Noelle Hettlinger Til is everything you could hope for in a real estate agent. My family recently relocated and she was incredible handling the sale of our house. Not only did she manage to get us 11 offers in one week, but she got us significantly over asking price. All this without ever disrupting our lives or a single one of my children's naps with last-minute showings! She is thoughtful, considerate, hard-working and everything you could want in a real estate agent. I've known her for 4 years and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an agent who cares about more than just a commission. She is amazing!

Luellen Lucid, Seller

I worked with Noëlle on selling my Santa Monica townhouse. Wonderful to work with and extremely diligent, with very close attention to details, put together very effective marketing materials and helped me stage to the best effect. Due to a financial situation, we had to market the condo initially off-market and could not list it on the MLS. Despite this disadvantage, there was a very good turnout to the first open houses by communicating directly with other agents, resulting in two offers, both over asking price. The accepted offer had all the characteristics we were seeking. We could not have been happier. Buyer selection, counter-offer, escrow paperwork and inspections guidance, I could not have asked for better in this effort. I highly recommend Noëlle as a professional in the realty field.

Martin Hunter

Noelle and Philippe were a joy to work with and very effective at selling my house. Within weeks of their involvement we were able to present a property that, thanks to the staging they organized and their incredible attention to detail in every area, looked attractive and sold quickly at a great price.

Ali Heshmati, Architect

I was introduced to Philippe and Noelle last year and I must admit it has been a pleasure to work with this team in its entirety. They personalize the experience for their clients in a very unique way, with the client’s best interests always being a top priority. This Duo is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I look forward to working with them on many future deals.

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